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Mission Styles has given loads of confidence to our students who thought they weren’t particularly evangelists - they’ve realised they do have a missional heart and can outwork that in different ways.

Let me experience Luc Sadler, Student Worker

I really relate to my Mission Style. Seeing it written out helped me understand myself and be confident in that, and it helped me challenge myself to grow in different areas of mission that I find more difficult.

Show me Abi Alsop, Speech and Language Therapy Student

What is mission styles?

Just as we all learn differently, we’re wired to learn about faith differently.
This informs the different ways we instinctively teach others about faith too.
Mission Styles is developed from Honey and Mumford’s psychological
research on Learning Styles, applied to mission.

Understand how you’re wired to share Jesus

The good news is... we’re all made to share Jesus! You have a way that you will instinctively do this. Discover your mission style and see how natural and fun evangelism can be.

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Convince Me
Convince Me

people want the
Gospel to make sense
Show Me
Show Me

people want to know
the Gospel works
Talk with me
Talk With Me

people want to know
the Gospel is personal
Let me experience
Let Me Experience

people want to know the
Gospel is life-changing

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