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Mission Styles is a fun and practical tool to help you and your friends share your faith. Create a group and invite everyone take the test. You’ll each receive your bespoke personal profile to discover your individual Style as well as your group’s results.

It was so helpful to discover the Mission Styles spread of our group. Discovering I was the only 'let me experience' person helped me to see what I bring to the group. It got us brainstorming how we can share Jesus in more out-there, on-the-streets ways!

Jasmine - Student, Newcastle Uni

Some of the benefits…

Understand yourselves

Understand yourselves

It's really useful to know how you and your friends most naturally share Jesus already. Celebrate your strengths!

Know what to work on

Know what to work on

Some mission styles will be more prominant in your group than others. Discover how you can reach your less familiar styles.

Join the mission styles movement

Join the mission styles movement

There are plenty of ideas and stories of how to share Jesus ready for you to access and apply. Join this community and add your story.

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