Convince Me in a nutshell

‘Convince me’ people know what they think and why they think it. They’re not afraid to analyse and critique, in fact they love it, because they want to see the logical foundation for any beliefs and claims. Objectivity is the ‘convince me’ person’s best friend - no one can blag around them because they will want to know the facts and evidence behind your claims.
When it comes to faith, convince me people are looking for things to make sense. They want to know that Jesus is real, and that Christianity is true. They may need to do lots of reading, thinking and analyzing to get there and to find their hearts open to meeting Jesus today. If you want to see a ‘convince me’ person thrive, steer clear of feelings-based learning, but give them theories, reading, lectures, analogies and space to think for themselves.

At a party

You’ll find a convince me person in the corner, in a long, drawn out discussion; whether debating climate change or the existence of God. They may even be discussing the plot holes in popular films and proposing their own more believable endings.

In a small group

‘Convince me’ people will thrive in a small group that is interesting and allows them to be inquisitive. They will love having a space to explore questions and dig into ideas and issues. The more structure and opportunity to think independently, the better!

Top tips for this style:

Meet more Convince Me people

As a Convince Me, I’ve found it fruitful to look more into the claims of Christianity. Looking at secular evidence on Jesus’ life and learning about morality and suffering has helped build a stronger basis for my faith.

Convince Me Daniella, Natural Sciences student, York

The Convince Me mission style resonates with my logical nature. The word for ‘faith’ used in the New Testament is a combination of faith, reassurance and trust. This sums up well my journey of faith as a Convince Me person.

Convince Me Jacob, International Disaster Management and Humanitarian Response student, Manchester

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