Let Me Experience in a nutshell

‘Let Me Experience’ people want to have the most fun possible, and involve themselves fully in the here-and-now. If anyone is going to experience FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), it’s these guys. Keen to explore and experiment, ‘let me experience’ people are quick to put ideas into action, are willing to take risks and often act on their instincts. They may end up looking back, saying “oops!” but they will always be glad they gave it a go; this is how they learn, after all. They enjoy having the freedom to pursue new challenges, opportunities and experiences.
When it comes to faith, ‘let me experience’ people want to know that it truly is life-changing. They will find more of God as they just give it a go, trying out church or doing what Jesus did, because they’re looking to know that following Jesus is adventure.
If you want to see a ‘let me experience’ person thrive, don’t give them lengthy explanations, precise instructions or lots of reading to do on their own. Instead, give them opportunities to be part of a team, experience new things or lead and mobilise.

At a party

Keep a look out for where the most fun or dynamic activities are happening, and you’ll find a ‘let me experience’ person there for sure. Either at the centre of it, instigating it all, or getting involved and getting others to join in too, anticipating the best story of the night.

In a small group

‘Let me experience’ people will thrive in a small group that is active and dynamic. They’ll want to connect with others, but it’s important that they’re also able to put what they’re learning into practice and not just talk. The more challenges and action, the better!

Top tips for this style:

Meet more Let Me Experience people

Knowing I was a Let Me Experience helped me to go for it with this stuff. It made me want to instigate, plan events with church, invite people around for dinner, and look for opportunities to serve and to mobilise.

Let Me Experience Abi Alsop, Speech and Language Therapy student, Manchester

As a Let Me Experience I like coming up with ideas of how I can serve people in my life, and share the truth of Jesus with them. It’s been cool to create a space where my American football mates can figure out faith.

Let Me Experience Ben Thomas, Religion, Politics and Society student, Birmingham

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