Show Me in a nutshell

Show Me people recognise what needs to happen, how to do it and they actually do it. Practical and down-to-earth, they like to get on with things, and act quickly and confidently on ideas that attract them. They enjoy being hands-on, solving problems and following ideas through to see if they work in practice. ‘Show me’ people are always looking for a more efficient way of doing things, and are happy to do whatever is required to get a job done. They appreciate a good strategy and anything with measurable outcomes.
When it comes to faith, ‘show me’ people want to know if it works. They will grow more open to faith from seeing clearly the difference in people living with and without Jesus, because they want to know that Jesus makes a practical difference.
If you want to see a ‘show me’ person thrive, avoid lengthy conversation and vague guidelines, but provide clarity and feedback and give space for trial and error processes.

At a party

Notice who set up the playlist, made sure the music was loud enough and has offered to get you a drink when yours ran low. ‘Show me’ people can’t help but notice the practicalities, and are often helping make the party better!

In a small group

‘Show me’ people will thrive in a small group that is purposeful. They appreciate intentionality and keeping to time, and they will want to know there’s a plan; that you’re going somewhere as a group. The more clarity, the better.

Top tips for this style:

Meet more Show Me people

I found out I was a Show Me and it made sense. It encouraged me to live by example and expect that people would notice the way I live and ask about my faith - I got more confident and ready to have these conversations.

Show Me Chono Bantubonse, Pharmacy Student, Manchester

Discovering I was a Show Me released me to do things I was already doing with more confidence and use them for mission. I always liked cooking, but started cooking for my mates too and using it to have good conversations about faith.

Show Me Joe Fenwick, Chemistry student, Manchester

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