Talk With Me in a nutshell

‘Talk with me’ people are interested in what you think and why you think it. They are relational people. You’ll spot them out for a meal with friends, asking questions across the table, taking everything in, listening and learning from those around them. This is partly because ‘talk with me’ people find connecting with people on a deep level satisfying, but also because this is how they learn. They enjoy listening, processing and reflecting, and will come up with their best ideas after they’ve heard everyone else’s.
When it comes to faith, ‘talk with me’ people want to know that it is personal. They will find more of God through other people’s lives and honest experience because they’re looking to know that Jesus cares, knows them and is with them.
If you want to see a ‘talk with me’ person thrive, don’t make them lead on the spot or focus too much on deadlines, but ask helpful processing questions and give them space to brainstorm and reflect or journal.

At a party

Look outside, in the kitchen or on a beanbag in the corner, and you’ll find a ‘talk with me’ person in a deep-and-meaningful convo with 1 or 2 other people. One of the others may be telling them their life story, or how they’re actually doing. Either way, they’re getting real!

In a small group

‘Talk with me’ people will thrive in a small group where deep relationships are formed; where everyone can be themselves and be heard. They’ll be at their best if they’re given time to observe, reflect and see how things fit into the bigger picture. The more opportunity to connect and consider ideas from different perspectives, the better!

Top tips for this style:

Meet more Talk With Me people

As a Talk With Me, I like connecting with people on a deeper level. It took the pressure off to realise that this is a gift; God just wants me to talk to his children.

Talk With Me Esther Norris, Archeology student, Liverpool

For me, coming to faith involved hearing lots of people’s stories of their experiences of faith. My mindset shifted through little conversations with Christian friends, until I opened myself up to let God in.

Talk With Me Bryany, History student, York

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