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Talk with me

A ‘Talk with me’ person is looking to connect through conversation.

Top tips for this style:

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Edi, York uni student
I love hearing about how Jesus is impacting people's lives. Investing in people and friendships is how I like to evangelise, to some this may seem small or almost menial. But I find for me personally that I can really reach the deep and intimate places with people, where I can become vulnerable and tell them a bit of my testimony and reveal to them the wonderfulness and the truth of Jesus in my life.

Edi, York uni student

Galia, London
I've found Mission Styles to be a really helpful insight on how to adapt to other people's styles, particularly those who require more concrete reasoning before they act. There is a real freedom that comes with having language to describe the different ways God has wired us in order to share the Good News

Galia, London

A bit more:

'Talk with me' people are highly relational; they discover more of Jesus through other people's lives and stories. At a meal with friends, the 'talk with me' person will be the one asking question after question across the table, taking everything in, listening and learning from those around them. They  often find themselves unexpectedly in a DMC (Deep Meaningful Conversation) or with people telling them their life story. These guys come up with their best ideas after listening to everyone else's; giving them time to reflect and consider everything from different angles.

As relational listeners and question-askers 'talk with me' people can find the gold and the God-story in almost anyone, given half a conversation!

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